IT Procurement

Let us help you make the most from your IT investment

Save time and money while reducing risk and uncertainty by connecting with an IT Procurement solution from Steelhead Business Solutions.

From desktops and laptops to servers, Steelhead Business Solutions helps you make the most of your IT investment and creates a complete asset management system to track all elements of your computing systems.

Steelhead Business Solutions also offers configuration, installation and system management services. The value we add includes a total accounting of your IT expenditures along with tracking and measurement of all licensing and compliance issues. We help ensure that you are getting the best results within your budget.

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Our system designers will take the time to understand your specific needs through a complete analysis process. This includes identifying the technology that will support current operations as well as expand in capacity as your business grows. We also fully investigate your legacy systems and determine the best way to integrate them with more current technologies without a loss in service.

With a full design for your IT infrastructure in place, we focus on the needs of your userbase. This includes creating technology profiles by job function and designing systems that serve these needs but don't provide unused and unnecessary features or specifications.

Steelhead Business Solutions works with our clients to develop standardized configurations that will provide the necessary performance within industry-standard technology lifecycles. Our team has developed our practice of IT Procurement to help maximize the money allocated to your budget.


Steelhead Business Solutions has partnerships and preferred agreements with several major technology manufacturers that allow us to provide top-quality sourcing, contracting and acquisition at a substantial discount. We monitor industry trends and pricing to provide the best value and reliability across these brands and assist you with making the right decisions on all technology expenditures.

Supported by our IT Design decisions and the input of your stakeholders, we determine the best time to upgrade or replace your systems.

Installation Services

If desired, Steelhead Business Solutions can configure, image and install all of the IT systems we procure. This can be done on site with a full “white glove” level of service or we can complete integration at our location and ship it to you or your data center. The needs of the project will dictate this choice and we always provide a complete look at the costs involved before you make any decision.

We can also assist your internal IT teams on a contracted or ad hoc basis to perform all of these tasks. System configuration of individual desktop, laptop and connected devices can also be performed by your internal team or by Steelhead Business Solutions. We provide a fully transparent look at the costs involved with our services for these activities to help you make the best decision for you.

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Asset Management & Tracking

Steelhead Business Solutions provides a full asset management system that can be applied not only to the IT assets we procure and service, but also to every aspect of your technology systems. Our ongoing service contracts provide these systems and the training to use them, but we also offer individualized service from our personnel.

These tracking systems are not only physical (in the form of bar codes and tags), but also virtual. Our system helps you investigate what devices are connected to your system and what operating systems and software are installed. We have found that this type of information not only helps with planning, but can also assist in determining what software licenses are actually in use, allowing you to save money by elimination of subscriptions or licenses that you don't need.

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Lifecycle Management

Servers, workstations and most other hardware have defined product lifecycles in the range of four-to-five years. As part of our extended services agreements, we manage device warranty status, warranty claims and device retirement. With the proper planning and scheduling of the technology lifecycle, you can minimize downtime and create predictable and repeatable cost estimates.

We can handle disposal of devices with sensitive information and also offer trade-in and refurbishment services to make use of your old equipment. This can offer a substantial cost savings when it comes time to replace a large server.

Trust in Steelhead Business Solutions to improve your bottom line and deliver goods and services faster than ever!